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We finally did it! On February 4th, Show No.11 started to air daily at 10AM and 10PM!


Show no.7

A coffee shop in Buenos Aires is a playground for the creative minds. Poetry, Music, Philosophy, find in coffee shop a place to grow. Famous poets like Alfonsina Storny, Enrique Santos Discepolo, Evaristo Carriego, used to be habitues of these coffee shops….. Coffee is an excuse for encounter.
Our Special guest for his week is Latin Grammy® winning pianist Pablo Ziegler. In this show, Hector and Pablo talk about his past musical influences from his early days when he studied at Buenos Aires Music Conservatory and performing with various jazz groups to the momentous invitation of new tango master Astor Piazzolla to join his quintet in 1978. (Read more)

Louis ArmstrongShow no.6

The listener’s favorite tango of the week is Esquinas Porteñas composed by Sebastián Piana and Homero Manzi. Every time you go to a milonga you hear Esquinas Porteñas by the two “Angel”s, Angel D’Agostino and Angel Vargas but we brought a different version today, we listen first to a version performed by Roberto (El Polaco) Goyeneche and “El Sexteto Tango” then the version with Angel D’Agostino and Angel Vargas.

Louis Armstrong was born on the 4th of July, 1901 some say the 4th of July, 1900 and some say August 4th, 1901, but they all agree that he was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he died – July 6, 1971. He was known the world over for his charismatic stage presence and voice but his influence extends well beyond jazz music into the realm of Argentine TANGO! Louis Armstrong was an American icon with a link to tango. We listen to Kiss of Fire performed by Louis Armstrong from the movie with the same name, starring Jack Palance and Barbara Rush, composed by Lester Alien and Robert Hill. It was recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1955….. but was it really “composed” by Lester Alien and Robert Hill? (Read more)

Carlos Di SarliShow no.5

From the musicians point of view, the orchestra of Carlos Di Sarli is one of the most difficult styles to perform, why…because it is simple and yet sophisticated. The debut of his first orchestra was in Bahía Blanca in a venue which didn’t have piano, so, he brought his own piano to the place. Do you know what the name of the place was? “Café Express” (it’s all related… “espresso tango”!) and the next venue he performed in Bahía Blanca before moving to the City of Buenos Aires? “Café Moka…”

We invited a guest speaker, Adam Tully, a guitarist and an expert in music licensing and publishing, to discuss about the business of music as the music industry has been undergoing drastic changes since the rise of digital distribution of music. (Read more)

regina2Show no.4

Batt shares some personal stories about Dizzie Gillespie and a tango called “Vida Mia” performed by Dizzie and Osvaldo Fresedo from his treasured album called “Rendez Vous Porteno” that he found at an online German Store after looking for it for 5 years! Check out Batt (right) with Dizzie Gillespie (center) in the photo!

We conclude the amazing story about “The Bandoneon that never played Tango” with Regina Hartley. Regina’s father Joseph Birkner was born in 1901, he was the only one of his family that was born in Germany. After the glassblowing factory closed and before coming to New York, Mr. Birkner made his living by playing in a Bandoneon Orchestra that only played classical music. During the interview, Hector tries to play Mr. Birkner’s bandoneon but it is a different instrument! The keyboard of this instrument is arranged different from the Argentinean version. That’s because they made bandoneons with a specific keyboard for the ones they exported to Argentina. (Read more)

regina2Show no.3

Hector explores and rediscover a tango that he performed for over 20 yearsA Evaristo Carriego, a famous tango written by Eduardo Rovira. The orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese and Forever Tango performed this work for many years. But do you know who Evaristo Carriego was? or do you know much about the composer, Eduardo Rovira?

Do you have a family health history with stroke, diabetes, heart disease and cancer? In the segment Scent of Espresso, Batt and Jisoo talk about the health benefits to daily coffee drinking.

The program closes with an interview with Regina Hartley who tells the story about “The Bandoneon that never played Tango” (Part 1). (Read more)

civet1Show no.1

On our first program, Batt and Hector will introduce you to one of most expensive and peculiar coffee called “Kopi Luwak” also known as “Cat Poo Coffee” in our Scent of Espresso segment. It will be followed our next segment Scent of Tango where Hector will introduce you to his story behind the bandoneon. On this program, we will include an interview with tango dancer Junior Cevila and his new movie documentary called “Tango y Sexo” (Tango and Sex). And did we mention that Junior will taste the “Cat Poo Coffee”? (Read more)

This interview is not yet scheduled.

Interview with Victor Lavallén, the conductor of the Orquesta Escuela Emilio Balcarce and Forever Tango. Once called “a boy in the orchestra” this low profile composer and bandoneon player is one of the best secretly kept treasures of tango. (Read more)